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After years as a journalist, writing stories for television, radio and digital platforms, copy editing scripts and being a "script doctor" (as well as writing aviation and customer service procedures guidelines and manuals with Eastern Airlines), Ric has recently focused his extraordinary talents on writing novels.

Five Days in May

Helen Sarantos is a beautiful young, teenage violinist from Toronto. When her high school orchestra spends a week in a small town in Kentucky, she finds more than she bargained for.

She falls deeply in love with a young musician and singer-songwriter, Chase Baker.

But too soon, her days in Kentucky end and she has to go back to Toronto.

Through the tears and the distance and the heartfelt letters, their love grows, only to be crushed by her family, who force her to stop any contact with him. "He's not like us," they say.

As the years go on, they live their lives separately in different countries and different worlds, not knowing what happened to the other. But despite the time, the miles and the uncertainty, their love silently and secretly burns.

Helen becomes a respected doctor, Chase a renowned musician.

On a cold and snowy February night years later,  they are suddenly and unexpectedly thrust face to face because of a horrific fatal car crash and a violent ex-spouse with a gun and a vendetta.

The question -- is this the beginning or the end when life and love hang in the balance?

Read the first chapter here.

"Tour Bus Confessions: A Road Musician's Inside Story of Life, Love and Betrayal"

Millions of people dream of touring the world as a professional musician -- visiting exotic locales, rubbing shoulders with the stars, being adored by thousands of fans and going to sleep with the sound of applause ringing in their ears.
The romantic allure is intoxicating beyond belief.
I know. I lived it. That was my life, living what others only dream of.
In this book, I share true stories of that incredible life.

I take you onto the tour bus, backstage and onstage to see, among other things:
- How a flashbulb almost ends the career of a multi-platinum selling recording artist
- What some artists really think of fellow recording artists
- How artists and managers easily take money meant for their musicians
- The humbling feeling of performing where you saw some of your first concerts as a kid
- The haunting sounds of empty arenas that crowds never hear
- Hanging out on the bus with Jerry Garcia while "Deadheads" pass by on the San Francisco sidewalk, oblivious the Grateful Dead leader and hero is inside
- The dangers of traveling down a busy interstate at 70 miles per hour when the steering on the bus goes out and the steering wheel becomes a spinning top.

The stories are true. Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent -- and the guilty.


Read the first chapter here.

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